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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

SOLD – Polini 910 6.2

polini 2_thumb[1] polini4_thumb[1]

Polini 910 6.2 for sale.
The bike is in good working order and set up for a faster rider.
It is a 6.2 and runs a delorto 14mm carb.
The bike has recently been rebuilt, where it had a new barrel, piston + ring, crank and bearings.
since the rebuild it has only been used for less than an hour running time, there isn't any problems with the bike and it has recently been painted.
The gearing is set for the smaller tracks with a 6 at front 68 back, it has a race exhaust that gives a lot of power & twin front disks.
Spares included : spare wheels and tyres, rear is used. 14mm carb, full set of fairing, spare chain

Everything for £350

For further details please email  Brad McCorkell at :