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Monday, 17 September 2012

Sold : Polini 910 Carena S in red

Polini 910 FarrageFor Sale  by club member Jake Farrage.

Comes with full fairing in very good condition with just two small cracks in the usual place by the lever cut outs. The bike is in very good condition and has a brand new clutch fitted that has only been used for 10mins in order to bed it in for you to use straight away. New spark plug fitted.

Will include an extra rear sprocket of your choice as well to set up for Carrville or Warden Law.

The only fault with the bike is that it does need a new rear tyre almost straight away.

If Jake was keeping it I would be changing it now but will be selling the bike as is or if you want I'll fit a new tyre for the extra cost of getting one  from Mac.

The front tyre is in good condition like the rest of the bike.

Any trial welcome it starts very well every time
Telephone or text Craig on 07727210642  or 01207583513
or Email  :