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Friday, 2 June 2017

For Sale : Polini GP5 Reverse Water Cooled Production Bike

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Club member Daniel Graham's Polini GP5 reverse water cooled production bike
Water cooled, hydraulic brakes, sonic exhaust, 15mm carb, junior tyres, 1 set spare wheels for wets cw discs.

Bike is in really good condition, it will go with all the spares and tools I have spare wheels for wets, original can (sonic can is fitted), full set of gearing, spare chain,
transfer cover, cooling belt, gaskets, pegs, plugs, odds and sods, rev counter.

I paid £900 for it and spent a lot sorting it out but would think £750 would be a good realistic price.
For further details please contact : Tony Graham on 01388 526 798 or email :